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Articles - Magazine coverage of laserdisc games from back in the day.
Ruby Spears Cartoons - Dragon's Lair & Space Ace Cartoons from Saturday Morning TV!
Laserdisc Legend - A Dragon's Lair article written by Jim Bickmann.
STARCADE - Laserdisc games on TV's first video arcade game show.
The Creators - Biographies of the creators of Dragon's Lair.
Dragon's Lair Movie (1984) - Storyboards of the original idea for the movie planned in 1984.
Dungeon Escape - A very fun flash game similar to the style of Dragon's Lair. [OFF‑SITE]
Home System - See the games for the Halcyon Interactive Laserdisc System.
Laserdisc Game Graveyard - Pics of laserdisc games that have sadly been converted.
Dragon's Lair Project - Pictures and info of Jeff Kinder's Dragon's Lair restoration.
Thayer's Quest Project - Pictures and info of Jeff Kinder's Thayer's Quest restoration.
Dedicated Space Ace Project - Pictures and info of Jeff Kinder's Space Ace restoration.


California Extreme 2017 - Videos from CAX 2017
California Extreme 2016 - Videos & group photos from CAX 2016
California Extreme 2015 - Videos from CAX 2015
California Extreme 2014 - Group photos from CAX 2014
California Extreme 2013 - Time lapse setup video & group photo from CAX 2013
California Extreme 2012 - Highlights from the 13th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2012
California Extreme 2011 - Highlights from the 12th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2011
Who Wants to Win an Arcade Game - The trivia contest presented by at CAX 2011!
California Extreme 2010 - Highlights from the 11th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2010
California Extreme 2009 - Highlights from the 10th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2009
California Extreme 2008 - Highlights from the 9th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2008
California Extreme 2007 - Highlights from the 8th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2007
SC3 / Arcade Party - Southern California Classic Collectors at Steve Hertz' house Oct. 2006
California Extreme 2006 - Highlights from the 7th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2006
California Extreme 2005 - Highlights from the 6th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2005
California Extreme 2004 - Highlights from the 5th annual D-L-P gathering at CAX 2004
Classic Gaming Expo 2003 - Highlights from the 4th annual D-L-P gathering at CGE 2K3
Classic Gaming Expo 2002 - Highlights from the 3rd annual D-L-P gathering at CGE 2K2
Classic Gaming Expo 2001 - Highlights from the 2nd annual D-L-P gathering at CGE 2K1
Classic Gaming Expo 2000 - Highlights from the 1st annual D-L-P gathering at CGE 2K


  Contributors - Special thanks to those who have contributed to the Dragon's Lair Project.
Meet the Staff - Who are these guys who donate so much of their time?
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