The 4th Annual D-L-P Gathering at CLASSIC GAMING EXPO 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada - August 9 / 10, 2003

The Classic Gaming Expo 2003 was once again held at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 9th and 10th 2003.  Classic video game enthusiasts and many of the most famous pioneers of the video game industry gathered in Las Vegas for the sixth annual event.  At what has become the largest show dedicated to the preservation of video game history, attendees got the chance to experience the heritage of video games through exhibits, presentations by the people who built the industry, and hands-on play of classic games.  Some of this years celebrities were David Crane, Steve Cartwright, Warren Davis, Ed Rotberg, Tim Skelly, and the father of the video game industry, Nolan Bushnell.

About 60 arcade games set on free play were there for people to enjoy, as well as many laserdisc games from Steven Hertz's personal collection.  Lots of the D-L-P Community and Staff was on hand to enjoy this year's show as well.  Below are a few of the pictures from CGE 2003.


The laserdisc games arrive The first batch of
Shawn LeBrecque's
games arrive
Jen Haven, Morgan
Beckman & Rockford
outside the loading dock

Jeff Kinder & Dave Hallock
loading up games at Tim
Arnold's warehouse.

The laserdisc games being setup by the crew

CGE Promoters John
Hardie, Sean Kelly, and
Joe Santulli
Dragon's Lair, Thayer's
Quest, Space Ace,
and Cobra Command
Super Don Quix-ote,
Badlands, and Cliff Hanger
M.A.C.H. 3, Inter Stellar,
and Star Rider
Some of the none laserdisc games supplied by
Shawn LeBrecque and Bret Pehrson
Lots of competition at the
Arcade PC booth
Michael C. and
Jim Bickmann
Anthony Gallagher Dave, Steve, Morgan, and Jamie enjoying some
of the non-laser games.
Chip Sbrogna and
Jeff Kinder taking a break
Jeff, Chip, Brad O,
and Michael C.
Keynote with host of
Starcade, Mark Richards,
Damon Claussen,
& Stephen Beall
Chip and Starcade host,
Mark Richards
Dave Hallock and
Tony M. Victorino
Chip, Leslie Collins,
Rockford, Jay Gallagher,
Laura, and Jen Haven
Jeff Kinder Morgan Beckman

The gang out to lunch

Back Row:  Dave Hallock, Morgan Beckman, Jessica,
James Goiffon, Steve Hertz, Jay Gallagher,
Anthony Gallagher, Rockford, Tony M. Victorino,
and Jeff Kinder

Front Row:  Brad O, Jen Haven, Jim Bickmann,
Michael C,
Alan Pinion, and chip Sbrogna



Morgan Beckman
enjoying the games
Tony M. Victorino
showing everyone
his latest creation
Dave Hallock and Morgan Beckman
hanging around with everyone after the
show closed for the day.
This is how you fit
9 people in a 4 seater
Hanging out in
Morgan's room at the
Dave, Tony, Chip, and
Brad enjoying the
Chip going for the
World Record on
Cliff Hanger
Chip with Walter Day
just after getting the
World Record on
Cliff Hanger
Michael C. playing
DLE 2.0
Steve Hertz being...
well.. Steve Hertz  :)


Morgan Beckman Jeff Kinder chatting with Bob Lloyd Jay Gallagher Just a few of the games at this years show.
Chip and Jay Morgan Morgan and Jim Bickman Tony, Rockford, Jeff, and Leslie
James Goiffon and
Jeff Kinder
Leslie telling Brad about the finer points of Cobra Command Brad and Chip being interviewed by
Shane R. Monroe
The crew hard at work
  Rockford Jeff Kinder  

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