In this forum, we maintain a map of current locations where laserdisc games can be played, and also a retrospective map of places where games appeared around the time of their release.
Use the links below to submit your locations!!


Laserdisc games are available for public play at the above places!
Click the markers for details.  Access the legend with the icon at top-left.

Your Submissions - Current Locations

Do you have any new locations to add?  Use our Current Locations Submission Form!

Confirmations / Updates / Changes - You can use the same form above to report updates to a location already on the map, or just to confirm the record's accuracy after your recent visit.  Use the reference number at the bottom of the record, and you can omit entering the name, website, and address information.

Note that some locations on the map are temporary, such as events that only occur once per year.

This map also accommodates game cabinets that are now using emulation or a laserdisc replacement.

Concerning the American Laser Games cabinets that used CD-ROM and not laserdisc near the end of their original production runs, these games are welcome on both maps, because in cases where the hardware is unknown, they'll be getting submitted anyway.


Laserdisc games could be found at the above places when they were new (or relatively new).
To see all game titles, open the list with the icon at top-left.
The map starts with Dragon's Lair visible.  Click the markers on the map for details about each game.

Your Submissions - Past Locations

Submit games you remember with our Past Locations Submission Form.
- Use this form if the location operated the game near its time of release, or up to about 6 or 7 years later.
- Don't submit locations that started operating games in a "retro", nostalgic, or museum fashion.

Submit your confirmations also!  Use our confirmation form when you see a game on the map that you remember.

We also need your corrections!  Use our form if you find anything on the map that you remember differently.

    Open   -   The company is still operating in the same place.
    Moved   -   The company (or the individual chain location) is still operating but has moved to a different physical location.
    Closed   -   The company (or the individual chain location) was permanently closed and did NOT move to a new space.
    Razed   -   The original building has been demolished.

International game cabinet versions can be assumed to match the country where they appear on the map, unless otherwise noted.  A cabinet's national origin should be identified when it is foreign to its map placement, or if multiple cabinet versions were common to the region.


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