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VOICE OF DAPHNE, VERA LANPHER-PACHECO HAS PASSED AWAY - Taken from The Art of Don Bluth Facebook page: "I am saddened by the news of my friend Vera's passing.  She was a spark that lit up a room.  I cherish the all the time we worked together and she will surely be missed.  Not only for her artistic talents but for her wonderful personality that she gave to all who knew her.  We'll miss you Vera.  Rest in peace.  - Don" (posted 13 Dec 2021)

NEW THAYER'S QUEST ROM PROVIDES LASERDISC PLAYER UPGRADABILITY - Shaun Wood has modified the command set in the Thayer's Quest ROM to work with the later model Pioneer LD-V8000/4000/2000 series of laserdisc players.  The new ROM image and documentation can be downloaded in the Thayer's Quest Tech Center. (posted 06 Oct 2021)

ERROR DISCOVERED IN THE ORIGINAL DRAGON'S LAIR WIRING HARNESS - Shaun Wood has noticed that the wiring to the Dragon's Lair volume potentiometers located on the "operator convenience panel" inside the coin door differs from the pinout printed in the manual, and it has been communally confirmed that apparently all Dragon's Lair / Space Ace main harnesses were originally wired incorrectly.  Our new tech document offers the fix, which may possibly alleviate some of the hiss/noise that has plagued the games since day one. (posted 23 Jun 2021)

1,000TH DEXTER BOARD SHIPS - Today, the 1,000th Dexter laserdisc replacement board is being shipped.  Released in 2016, developer Matt Ownby had no idea this many would be produced.  The expected demand was 50.  Dexter is a solid-state replacement for the laserdisc players in over two dozen arcade games.  The most popular pre-installed video package ordered by far has been the Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Dragon's Lair II trilogy. (posted 24 May 2021)

NEW SPACE PIRATES ROMS HAVE MORE HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY - Andrea Turci and Fabrizio Beneforti have modified the original single-player 1.xx ROM version of Space Pirates to work with the more commonly found R6/R5 PAL chips on American Laser Games hardware.  The later 2.xx ROM version for R6/R5 PAL is a two-player variant that ALG produced by making compromises/reductions in the gameplay that are considered inferior.  The new ROM 1.4b gives the original uncut game program much wider compatibility. (posted 04 Mar 2021)

DRAGON'S LAIR JOINS THE ARCADE 1UP LINEUP - Arcade 1up has announced a Dragon's Lair home arcade cabinet that will play Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp, and Space Ace.  The product will use Digital Leisure's codebase.  Their photos of the cabinet are currently marked as "pending licensor approval" and also "smartphone not included".  The photos show a smartphone clipped into the scoreboard location to display that information.  A possible Space Ace graphical variant of the cabinet is also shown to gauge interest in the demand. (posted 16 Jan 2021)

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