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THE LASERDISC GAME LOCATIONS FORUM DEBUTS - Visit our new forum where you can see and share the locations of laserdisc arcade game sightings.  Find out where on the current map you can play laserdisc games today, and then browse through the much larger map of past locations, where our community shares their memories of the spots where they saw laserdisc games back when they were new.  Find your own local haunts on the maps, and either submit them if they're not already marked, or confirm the existing records! (posted 21 Jan 2019)

DRAGON'S LAIR COMES TO THE TI-99/4A COMPUTER - Software developer Mike Brent has licensed Dragon's Lair for release on cartridge for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A produced in 1981.  His new hardware design for the cartridge, as well as some uniquely crafted software, allow this TI computer to play the video for the entire game at a resolution of 192x128 with 15 colors at about 9 FPS and 13khz audio, which would have dropped jaws in the mid 1980s, and is now primed to become the most impressive home version of Dragon's Lair on any machine from the pre-CD-ROM era, considering its full game content.  The game's release is scheduled for early 2019 with a production quantity of up to 100. (posted 22 Dec 2018)

ALG MULTIROM / DEXTER COMPATIBILITY - The ALG MultiROM board by LaserCon, which allows users to switch between American Laser Games ROMs with a control dial instead of swapping ROM boards, is now compatible with the Dexter laserdisc replacement.  Eight different American Laser Games laserdisc images can be loaded onto a Dexter player, and the ALG MultiROM board can now automatically switch Dexter's laserdisc image to the correct game when the user selects a different ROM, instead of needing to use the Dexter Manager.  See the demonstration video posted in our forum. (posted 05 Apr 2018)

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