Time Gal was a laserdisc game created by Taito in 1985. In this game, a time bandit by the name of Luda is jumping through time in order to change the past. He hopes that his changes will secure himself as leader of the world in the time he hails from. One person is hot on his trail though and will do everything she can to stop him. This person is our last hope, this person is Time Gal, whose name is Reika.

As Time Gal players will travel through 16 levels that cross a variety of time periods. Levels include the Prehistoric Era where dinosaurs roam, the caveman filled Stone Age, both World Wars, and even Desert Storm. The final battle will take place in a futuristic setting that features robots, ray guns, and aliens.



The above images come from the Singe port version, which uses footage from the LaserActive LD.


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