Here is our original guest book, which first went on-line on July 5, 1998 and went off-line on December 27, 1999, when it was retired and replaced with our first message board.  Below are the guest book entries from 1999See the previous entries from 1998.

Name Dave
Date 1/1/99 11:46:20 AM
Favorite Game Cliff Hanger
Comments The most detailed site available for the 80's laser boom. Please get the videos!

Name Jax McCloud
Date 1/1/99 8:01:38 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Need more pictures of Princess Daphne

Name Sarah Dawson
Date 1/4/99 7:21:43 PM
Favorite Game Zelda (n64)
Comments I like the looks of Dragon's Lair. I think that it would be a lot of fun to play. The only problem is that i have Win '98.

Name Aaron St.John
Date 1/4/99 10:25:31 PM
Favorite Game Gabirel Knight (pc)
Comments Hi! I saw Dragon's Lair in an arcade once, and qas impressed with it. That was the last I saw of it, however, unitl your site. Great job.

Name anitra a.k.a ASLANSTAR
Date 1/8/99 1:13:30 PM
Favorite Game Cosmic Avengers(Coleco)
Comments My favorite actor used to have Spaceace as a nickname..GUESS WHO!!

Name Jeff
Date 1/8/99 4:28:35 PM
Favorite Game Starcraft
Comments I remember a summer in junior high school, during which I went
to a nickel arcade and pumped every nickel I could into
Thayer's Quest, the best game I had ever seen; in the
end, the story ended abruptly only halfway through with
the promise of part 2.

Name rob
Date 1/8/99 6:33:00 PM
Favorite Game fav laserdisc game--space ace
Comments Loved all of the reminders of how cool these games were in their time. I'm too old now to compete on the coin-ops, although I think that they are amazing. People who weren't gaming back then have no idea how advanced they were. This was the period of E

Name Greg Wilson
Date 1/9/99 4:18:44 PM
Favorite Game Star Wars
Comments Great site. I think you have the potential of having the premier laser game site for use as a reference and resource. I am looking into buying a Dragon's Lair myself and will utilize this site once I do.

It will be some payback to own one, sinceone o

Name David Fickers
Date 1/10/99 10:00:39 PM
Favorite Game  
Comments I forgive did forget me on your list. I have been busy with my clubs.

Name Lee Leslie
Date 1/11/99 3:12:28 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair & Dragon's Lair Time Warp
Comments Great job on the site and the restoration. Definitely
a labor of love, I'm sure. Thank's for the stories.
Happy gaming!

Date 1/11/99 5:29:07 PM
Favorite Game  

Name Matteo Marioni
Date 1/12/99 7:49:04 AM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments Why laser disc games aren't still in arcades ? Sigh
If anyone can supply me with some laserdiscs of the
games, please tell me. Thanks.

Name no comment
Date 1/12/99 4:56:50 PM
Favorite Game Super Mario Bros. (any of them exept that damn new one!)
Comments I am on a mission for my dad, who wanted Space ace MIDIS!
I have tryed to get some here, but they won't let me!
Get some proper midis that are easily accesable, please.

Name beth and chelcie
Date 1/12/99 6:40:26 PM
Favorite Game don't have one
Comments its cool!

Name Nicholas.Sheppard
Date 1/14/99 2:27:18 PM
Favorite Game any racing game
Comments I think the pictures from every single game look awsome!

Name Locke
Date 1/15/99 5:23:45 PM
Favorite Game  
Comments I would like to thank you for including SPACE ACE and DRAGON'S LAIR model sheets on your web site.
I am an animation student and having access to things like that are extremly helpful.
If you could tell me where else to find any other model sheets I w

Name Tim Mundstock
Date 1/18/99 12:00:37 AM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments I love this page!! Finally, a page dedicated to those
long lost laser disc arcade games. I didn't think i'd
ever find any info on those things again.
I've been trying to find some of the original games but
have had no such luck.I'm keeping my finge

Name Gossamer
Date 1/18/99 12:02:53 AM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments I love this page!! Finally, a page dedicated to those
long lost laser disc arcade games. I didn't think i'd
ever find any info on those things again.
Keep up the great work and keep this page alive.

Name Patrick Mason
Date 1/19/99 9:01:16 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair!, also "interstate'76"
Comments I share your passion for Dragon's Lair... I would love to own my own arcade stand -up variety, but I can't even buy it on Cd-rom, since it is no longer available...but I will travel to the ends of the earth to find it!!! your project is KICK ASS!!!!!

Name Charles A. Sambuchino
Date 1/21/99 7:37:36 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair I
Comments It has been a long time since I have played this game and I greatly miss it. I live in Erie, PA and can't find it anywhere. We did have the Dragon's Lair II and I got to level 3 before it disappeared. Your web site is great and I can't wait for the projec

Name Dennis Wilson
Date 1/30/99 2:00:31 AM
Favorite Game Double dragon,final fight,street figther 2 and Final fantasy 3,7
Comments I was about five or six when Dragan's Lair came out
It was one of the most impressive looking games of it's
day. I never had a chance to play the arcade game but I
played it on the sega cd' I also remeber the cartoon.
I liked you wed sight and now k

Name mike
Date 1/30/99 2:35:39 AM
Favorite Game Dragonslair and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Comments Cool site...brings back a few memories.

Name Eric Ward
Date 1/31/99 10:34:06 AM
Favorite Game dragon's lair-favorite to watch
Comments I used to love watching "dragon's lair"
being played by people who knew what they were doing, I tried and failed
miserably. It's an awesome game. I
would love to see it on Nintendo 64.

Name Sean Shimono
Date 2/1/99 7:17:52 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair 2
Comments I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks and can't find all the secrets. Any charts or locations would be appreciated...

Name Matthew Harrison
Date 2/1/99 2:47:46 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair of course
Comments I remember watching "Silver Spoons" and seeing the Dragon's Lair in the background. I have always wanted one. Now that I have plenty of game experience being a manager of an arcade I plan to track one down and restore it if necessary.

Name Richard Sales
Date 2/3/99 7:49:26 AM
Favorite Game Cliff Hanger and Space Ace
Comments I Love this Site!!! This games bring back such good memories!! Bravo!!

Name J. Michael Salkovick
Date 2/3/99 12:35:32 PM
Favorite Game Cliff Hanger
Comments Thank you! Your site has brought back so many memories... I would give anything to be able to play Cliff Hangar again.

Name Mike
Date 2/5/99 12:39:22 AM
Favorite Game Cliff Hanger
Comments Thanks for the page! It brought back good memories of too many weekends spent pumping too many quarters into a Cliff Hanger machine at the 7-11. (Although I was sorry to see you had to remove the video clips.)

Name Charles Medeiros
Date 2/5/99 2:30:07 PM
Favorite Game All the games on this sight.

Name Grudge Keeper
Date 2/5/99 11:19:43 PM
Favorite Game All of Don Bluth's Laserdisc Games
Comments This is an awesome site! I became an animator because of the incredible impact these games had on me. I am also the original 80's arcade junkie. This site brings back lotsa memories and offers a look at some things that I've never seen. Thanks:)

Name Steve
Date 2/6/99 10:32:58 PM
Favorite Game WarCraft 2
Comments Nice site.
For PC game codes, level downloads, and gaming links visit my site

Name Steve Grunberger
Date 2/7/99 2:45:29 AM
Comments i''m glad to see a site dedicated to just old laser disc
games, i must have Space Ace on every platform from
Arcade to Amiga and even DVD.

Name Louise Noronha
Date 2/7/99 10:55:55 PM
Favorite Game dragons lair
Comments Dragons lair is a very exciting game I would think that you must be very inteligent to think of a fantastic game like this I hope that you can make dragons lair two from louise

Name Jason Fish
Date 2/9/99 6:26:24 PM
Favorite Game  
Comments I think that you should let people try out the game.

Name Greg .S
Date 2/9/99 7:05:44 PM
Favorite Game DL,SA,DL2,WELL DAMN!!ALLOF THEM!!!!!!

Name Cal Olson
Date 2/9/99 8:33:26 PM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments I''m glad to see a great site like this out there! I just found a
three-pack from Digital Leisure with Dragons Lair I & II and Space
Ace the other day and I don''t think I''ve done much else with my spare time!
I remember reading about Space Ace in a magazine before it came out,
and looking forward to it tremendously. I only got a chance to play
it once. Since then, I''ve always been in search of it. My most common
response? "What''s Space Ace?" Having it on my computer, though, gives me
a warm feeling of vindication. :)

Great site!

Name Gil Velez
Date 2/10/99 2:22:22 PM
Favorite Game Dragon''s Lair, Ring King
Comments Great site. A shrine to the animated games. I guess were getting old. those us of who were 12-11-12 playing these games cannow affaord to buy them.


Name jay
Date 2/10/99 9:22:31 PM
Favorite Game NHL 98
Comments I picked up this game, remembering how much fun it was, but it had no instructions. I glad to find this page thanks

Name Johnny
Date 2/11/99 8:07:10 PM
Favorite Game Dragons lair, Tron, Space Ace, CliffHanger, Galaga
Comments All arcade games bring back good memories. Makes me kinda sad and sentimental that I'm not a kid in the arcade, with my only worries being where to get some quarters. "Back in the day, when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore, but somedays, I sit and wish I was a kid again." - quote from some rap song...


Name Jeff Thompson
Date 2/15/99 10:42:14 PM
Favorite Game Star Wars
Comments This is an awesome site!!! I wish more of them were done this well. I liked the laser disc games in the arcade and have bought several computer and console versions, but it sure would be nice to have an arcade Space Ace machine! (Actually I would like all/any of them.)

Name richard
Date 2/17/99 12:31:23 AM
Favorite Game dongons&dragons
Comments I liked the pages but i thought there would be some dragon pictures, thats ok. well gotta go.

Name Sam
Date 2/18/99 4:13:44 AM
Favorite Game qbert, zork, quake1 Time Traveller(sega91)
Comments very cool site, someone with a neet hobby

Name Inetdude
Date 2/18/99 8:32:18 AM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair, Marble Madness, Firefox
Comments What can I say ? Your site has it all, and makes me (almost) overdose on memories!
Being a lad of only 12 years when Dragons lair came out, I certainly didn't master it,
but spent quite a bit of my allowance (no regrets, I assure you) trying to!
Usually, at the time it was my chore to run home after school to peel the potatoes
for dinner, but I had to pass this video store on my way home, so dinner wasn't always on time...
The store is long gone, as are the arcade game. If I ever find it I'll buy it,
come hell or high interest rates! By the way, if anyone knows here I can find
another arcade classic: Marble Madness for PC (the C64 version sucked, and even more so on an emulator)
by all means, let me know at my mailaddress inetdude @ mailcc . com


Name Tj Fowler
Date 2/18/99 11:42:21 PM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair(laser disc) as for other games CastleVania,rpgs
Comments Man great site..glad to see one on the net like this..I didn't knwo there were some many laser disc games.


Name Derek
Date 2/19/99 10:28:50 PM
Favorite Game like them all
Comments I just got here and havent seen much

Name Curtis Hart
Date 2/21/99 12:53:42 AM
Favorite Game Tron, Dragon's Lair, Freedom Fighter
Comments Figured it was about time I signed this thing being how I've visited your site on a regular basis. Thanks for reminding my of a game I spent way too many quarters on. :)

Name Josh Lacey
Date 2/21/99 2:34:26 PM
Favorite Game Punch Out
Comments Ricky Schroeder had to be the biggest geek in the world! He had a DL machine and NEVER PLAYED IT! Aargh! I'd watch Silver Spoons just to see the machine!

Name date_90
Date 2/22/99 8:56:48 PM
Favorite Game  
Comments This is a cool web page

Name Luke
Date 2/23/99 1:48:16 AM
Favorite Game Cliff Hanger
Comments Marvellous Site!! I Want a Laser Game!!!

Name mat joseph
Date 2/26/99 6:02:28 AM
Favorite Game spaace ace, don quiote , dragon's lair
Comments do you have any of those games for sale? if so, do you deliver to CA?

Date 2/27/99 1:29:20 AM
Favorite Game croba command
Comments Would you know were to find a ROBOTEC ARCADE BOARD

Name Ray Iddings
Date 3/1/99 8:26:51 AM
Favorite Game Tron and dragon's lair
Comments Great site lots-o-stuff...and your hyper sports cabinet looks really good..keep it up

Name Matt Morgan
Date 3/1/99 3:35:01 PM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair
Comments Your site rocks!
It has everything I wanted to see.
Great job.

Name Dan Baker
Date 3/1/99 5:43:37 PM
Favorite Game Thayer's Quest
Comments TQ was undoubtedly the BEST arcade game of it's day. Not just eye candy, it had an engaging plot and characters you could care about (although nothing quite like Daphne)

Thanks for the memories

Name gordon stokes
Date 3/4/99 1:36:12 AM
Favorite Game space ace and dragons lair
Comments at one time I owned and serviced three dragons lairs and two space ace.

Name Raido
Date 3/4/99 11:13:44 AM
Favorite Game Diablo
Comments This favorite games is dablo i liket it and i´am play station what are you favorit games(play station,
pc,nitendo64 and sega).Send my

Name Dane Schipporeit
Date 3/4/99 9:17:06 PM
Favorite Game cobra command
Comments I like your web page but I wish I could download cobra command. But this place is the ultimate place to play games and keep putting up more games. I go to your web page every week!

Name Mark "Bear" Attebery
Date 3/5/99 3:21:07 PM
Favorite Game what do you think?
Comments I had the pleasure of being associated with the introduction of Dragons Lair into the arcade game market and doing technical reviews on the game for Star Tech journal and Playmeter mag in the mid 80's. the pr7820 was a monster and the lvd1000 wasn't that much better by todays standards but was cutting edge technology back then. I would love to hear from any of my old friends that might see this... in particular any that dealt with me when I was dir of engineering for Vending international in San Juan Capistrano, Ca. I still have a couple of copies of the Dragon Lairs game review done for star tech with specs, drawings, ect that I can fax to anyone that might want a copy.

Name charly
Date 3/7/99 1:41:30 PM
Favorite Game dragon´s lair
Comments I want to get some informaion about the Dragon´s Lair cartoons V.H.S. (video) if you can send me it please in spanish, thanks a lot.

Name Derek Stegall
Date 3/7/99 9:54:49 PM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments Just Plain Cool

Date 3/10/99 9:19:25 PM

Name LadyBard
Date 3/11/99 5:36:52 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Great Site! It's nice to find someone who remembers Dragon's Lair. I'll be checking back when you have the demo and sound files back up.

Name A. J. Loupe
Date 3/12/99 3:56:43 AM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair, Donkey Kong, Ms.Pac Man, Defender, Dig Dug, Q-bert
Comments Man I loved your site. I lived in Swedesboro, N.J. when I was 13 and in 1983. We are the same age I am sure ( 29 ). I have a Dragon's Lair II and it is great shape and I bought for 900.00 a year ago. I have not mastered it yet. I am on the Piano Solo. I would love to have a Dragon's Lair. If you know of how I can get one, e-mail me and let me know. Or, just liked to hear from you. Cool site once again.

Name Bernard Gilbert
Date 3/12/99 5:19:34 AM
Favorite Game Space Invaders, Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Castle, 1941
Comments I remeber playing Dragons' Lair in the arcade No matter what I did or how hard I tried I could never get past the first screen Eventually I just gave up on it

Name Gustavo Damián Copia
Date 3/12/99 8:04:48 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Your page is more than GREAT, i'm a fan of Dragon's Lair and maybe you know what's that feeling...
Please keep Working..... You are doing a great job...

Bye Gustavo D.C.

Name Christopher R Coley SR.
Date 3/13/99 4:34:22 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair

Name Derek Booth
Date 3/15/99 8:35:16 AM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair
Comments This is a brilliant site but what a pity the sound and video files have been removed. I was like yourself hooked on the machine in my teenage years and was thinking the other day that now with the speed of things it would be possible to play this game on a home PC.
I went on to the net and your page is the only one really that I have looked at because it answered all my questions. YES it is available for Home PC. I have a 233mhz machine with 4 meg on board graphics and 8x cdrom. Will this be fast enough ?
I was born on 29 Jan 1970 and was brought up being wowed at things like Donkey Kong, Tron etc.
I have the MAME which runs most of the arcade classics but obviously doesn't run games like DLair.
Hope you get the sounds up soon.

Date 3/20/99 9:58:29 PM
Favorite Game CLIFF HANGER

Name Hope Boyd
Date 3/22/99 11:39:59 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II
Comments This webpage is awesome!!! I found a lot of information that I needed for Dragon's Lair. Thank you for this

Name Valery Korneev
Date 3/23/99 5:03:38 AM
Favorite Game Time Gal
Comments Truly informative and useful page, but what about Japanese laserdisc games like Strahl or Time Gal?

Name Eric Anderson
Date 3/23/99 2:04:40 PM
Favorite Game Dragons lair, Stunrunner, Joust, Defender
Great Web sight.

You did a super job...

Name leslie colins
Date 3/26/99 6:45:23 PM
Favorite Game corba command
Comments i like to buy the corba command laser disc game and see it on dvd and playstation and i have video tapes of corba command and cliiffhanger and dragonlair space and firefox and astronbelt and starrider make video movie out of your laser disc game it dam coooooool to do it

Name Dana
Date 3/30/99 5:05:41 PM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments cool site. easily in my top 10.

Name Motorwell
Date 3/30/99 6:30:54 PM
Favorite Game MACH 3
Comments This is an excellent site- keep up the good work. If anyone knows of
classic gaming site with sound samples (pref wav files)
please send them to me. See ya!

Name:  Bobbi Jo

Date:  4/1/99 9:59:50 PM

Favorite Game:  

Comments:  Your page is great...glad I could stop have put a lot of hard work into it and glad that I could see it...I will be back!!!

Name:  Linda

Date:  4/4/99 6:45:25 PM

Favorite Game:  I really like all of them

Comments:  Cool project!

Name:  Linda

Date:  4/4/99 6:49:17 PM

Favorite Game:  I really like all of them

Comments:  Cool site!

Name:  Zach Tank

Date:  4/4/99 10:24:15 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's lair

Comments:  I have been trying for ages to find info on the dragon's lair/space ace you have any leads?  by the you have a snail
address so I can send some dragon's lair art?

Name:  Gina

Date:  4/12/99 8:49:59 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair 2, Space Ace, Brain Dead 13

Comments:  No other game can be compared to Dragon's Lair, DL is the best game ever to be played at the arcade! Great site on this ever still talked about great game!

Name:  andrzej poetek

Date:  4/13/99 9:39:41 PM

Favorite Game:  dragon's lair and space ace

Comments:  I think that dragon's lair was is and will be for a long time a one of the best games ever made and i hope that the new generation of game players will learn to appreciate the greatness of it and will not be blinded by all the new games. if you haven't tried you don't know what you missing!

Name:  Trisha Nunnery

Date:  4/14/99 3:59:32 PM

Favorite Game:  

Comments:  I think this is a really cool site.

Name:  Jacki Cothren

Date:  4/14/99 4:01:01 PM

Favorite Game

Comments:  I think this site rocks! Keep up the good work!!!!

Name:  Terrence

Date:  4/15/99 2:33:33 PM

Favorite Game:  Space Ace(currently)

Comments:  I've been a huge fan of the Dragon's Lair/Space Ace games for like years, and your page gives excellent strategies and background on the games...keep it up. By the way, my college campus arcade has Space Ace and I can't get past the motorcycle chase scene. The walk through says there is some witty dialouge at the end of it...can you tell me what it consists of? Thanks!

Name:  clawe456

Date:  4/17/99 8:49:27 PM

Favorite Game:  (N64) Mario Party (Arcade) Police Trainer

Comments:  I think this game is tough i tried it at the arcade and died on the first level!! it may be hard but it
is really cool the stats for the game are the following:

fun factor<~>4.0/5

Name:  Darren Murtha

Date:  4/21/99 11:51:10 PM

Favorite Game:  Super Don, and Dragon's Lair, and Cobra Command

Comments:  Thank you so much for the pictures of Super Don Quixote. Not very many people know of the great game.

Name:  Espo

Date:  4/23/99 8:07:26 PM

Favorite Game:  Pole Position

Comments:  Nice Work!!!!

Name:  dusti

Date:  4/28/99 11:15:14 AM

Favorite Game:  Starcraft

Comments:  this game is very old

Name:  Merrill Milner

Date:  5/1/99 4:58:12 PM

Favorite Game:  DL I & II, Space Ace

Comments:  Good Job on restoring your machine.

Name:  Grant Burton

Date:  5/2/99 8:58:14 AM

Favorite Game:  Space Ace

Comments:  This web site is just fantastic... it takes me back to when I was so young, and wasted so many coins on this game... and others like cobra command etc... But Ace was my favorite... I saw it as having real potential of giving decision gates to laser disc games. But most gamers saw them as do wrong move and your dead games, with no game play at all. For me it was more than that. The animation of don bluth belonged in a cinema movie. Now all I wish for is a MPG so I can play it on my Imac. Then again i wish they would bring out a new version for my iMac. Oh well... keep up the good work... and please get those video files up :-)

Name:  Luca Marongiu

Date:  5/4/99 2:51:53 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and all the laser games

Comments:  Great !!!!!! Finally I have found the place where I can became an hero.  p.s. I have a Macintosh, how I can play this game on my computer? Thanx a lot!!!!

Name:  Robbie Dickson

Date:  5/4/99 10:26:08 PM

Favorite Game:  Star Rider!!

Comments:  Great page! If you EVER come across one of these machines for sale- LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Name:  Scott nWo Oliverson

Date:  5/6/99 11:34:13 PM


Comments:  I used to enjoy playing Space Ace, except I couldn't seem to maneuver Dexter fast enough to the next scene before getting him killed. Or if I tried to energize into Ace, I also wound up getting the hero killed too because I couldn't maneuver the joystick fast enough to the next scene or level.  I also enjoyed playing Cobra Command which is almost like piloting a real chopper. I don't know whether it resembled the AH-64 Apache 2-man copter or the AH-1 Cobra 1-man copter since you always heard the voice of either the pilot telling you to either climb, dive, bank left, bank right, fire missiles or gatling gun at enemy targets! The worst part was the dying crashing sequences since I never could make it to the last level, the showdown inside the terrorist fortress!

Name:  Mark

Date:  5/9/99 5:47:33 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  Excellent site! You brought me back to my childhood after I saw the pictures of games I thought I would never see again. I didn't know anyone would remember games like Badlands and Super Don Quixote. Keep up the great work. If only I could actually play one of these classics again some day...

Name:  Scott Findlay

Date:  5/11/99 1:40:14 AM

Favorite Game:  DRAGON'S LAIR

Comments:  This was as far as I'm concerned the pioneer in today's new 3-D games era its still my favorite! to this day, no one in Utah has beat my high score of 498620. I've been looking for the game for five years now and nobody
in the U.S. has a game in good working order for sale, for they want 3 to 5k for it i was thrilled to find your web site so i could get the game for my pc, the manufacturer of the CD ROM discontinued the game and I couldn't find it anywhere! thanks for being here!!

Name:  Jon Rabus

Date:  5/11/99 11:36:09 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  A true laser fan. I have 2 Sega Time Travelers and am working on putting together a Dragon's Lair. Thanks for the Dragon's Lair Project, it has been a great help!!!

Name:  leslie collins again

Date:  5/12/99 8:33:16 PM

Favorite Game:  corba command

Comments:  I wonder if data east will make a sequel to cobra command and bega battle

Name:  elend

Date:  5/15/99 6:12:12 PM

Favorite Game:  !!!SPACE ACE!!!

Comments:  Your Site is fabulous! I love Space Ace sooo much, unfortunately I do not own the Amiga version!! :((

Name:  Ed Fiorelli

Date:  5/21/99 8:24:35 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  Great page Jeff! Its funny but your story of how you acquired your Dragon's Lair is similar to mine.
Its taken 2000 miles of driving on two separate 24hr occasions to obtain and keep my Dragon's Lair operational.
But for sure, its been worth it!  I hope anyone looking for one is successful, I know what its like to be searching for one!


Date:  5/22/99 2:24:01 AM



Name:  Ryan Mooers

Date:  5/22/99 11:35:21 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair/Discs of Tron

Comments:  Hey Jeff, the updates look great!! Especially the Space Ace page ;) Is that your Space Ace poster in the picture?

Name:  Sean O'neill

Date:  5/26/99 10:30:38 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  Dragon's Lair was one of the first games I ever played. I was about five or six at the time. I am now twenty and still enjoy many of these laser disc games.

Name:  jason dunne

Date:  5/29/99 1:59:24 PM

Favorite Game:  dragons lair!

Comments:  what a kewl page... i just happened to stumble across it last night... so nice to have a place to check up on the new updates and such... im an owner of a dragons lair myself.. but there has always been such mystery, because i know so little bout the history...thanx... keep up the good work

Name:  Troy

Date:  5/30/99 6:55:48 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  What a great site to let me relive some of my favorite games of all time. Thanks for a great site.


Name:  Jason Lenox

Date:  5/31/99 12:12:50 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  Dear DL project.  I have been a lifetime fan of Dragon's lair, Space Ace and DL2 since I was about 8 years old- last week i actually got all three games for my PC- i didn't think anyone actually gave a shit about these games except me!  I have tons of great DL stories- about finding and playing these hard to find but excellent games!  I even scored a Don Bluth book just to read his comments on the games! Would really like to hear from you at DL project-thanks!

Jason Lenox

Name:  haley

Date:  6/1/99 5:02:23 AM

Favorite Game:  

Comments:  Cooooooolllllll!!!!!!!

Name:  mark telford

Date:  6/4/99 3:28:26 PM

Favorite Game:  mad dog mcrree


Name:  Treyan

Date:  6/4/99 4:10:04 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  Cool site!  I'm glad to see that this game wasn't important to only me.  I look forward to updates and more pics and info.

Name:  Angela

Date:  6/6/99 9:40:40 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair, Space Ace

Comments:  This site rocks! cool info keep it up

Name:  Kyle Hotchkiss

Date:  6/8/99 7:24:24 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragons Lair

Comments:  I miss the old arcade games, especially Dragon's Lair. I would do anything to play the upright version just one more time but I can't find it anywhere. This site is amazing and brings back great memories of my days spent in the arcades.

Name:  Fritz

Date:  6/12/99 1:36:09 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  I never realized how popular this game still is! I was searching the web for side stickers for my Lair and found this site. I did not know so many others would have one at home! I bought mine for $400.00 dollars in 1990 and it looks and runs great. Eat your heart out! Anyone near Philadelphia who wants to play can come right over, bring your quarters! I have lots of extra parts, disks & players. I might consider selling if the price was really right!

Name:  Adam Macks

Date:  6/12/99 9:58:21 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Thayer's Quest, Cube Quest

Comments:  I will always remember these Laserdisc games - they are still far in front of today's computer generated shoot em ups in my humble opinion. They were 'real'. I'm thirty now, but still remember the day I first slayed the dragon - i used to be the star attraction at our local video arcade here in Townville, Australia. Dozens of people would watch me master the game... and curse when i fell to the dangers housed within your imaginative Laserdisc series games.  Congratulations on starting the 3D project. I for one will purchase the software - I hope you will be releasing it on Macintosh.


Adam Macks

Name:  Snot!

Date:  6/22/99 11:23:35 PM

Favorite Game:  tron

Comments:  great site!

Name:  Michael S.

Date:  6/24/99 4:56:28 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  I have been chasing Dragon's Lair since I was 7 and to this day it has eluded me. I was a kid when it came out and was actually able to play through most of the game. I have been searching everywhere for it. You are doing a great job on this site, I commend you. I hope one day I can have one for myself as well. I still have the original Dragon's Lair cards as well.


Name:  Mark Kane

Date:  6/25/99 10:28:35 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair & Sinistar

Comments:  I want to own these games someday. For now I have no money and can only dream of the day I can afford a room of my favorite co-op games.

Name:  Nicola Vallieri

Date:  6/26/99 12:00:28 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's lair

Comments:  I listened to the Dragon's lair theme 100 times.  My closed eyes saw the scenes of the game like if 1985
(I'm Italian) could be yesterday.  Thank you!

Name:  David Usher

Date:  6/29/99 8:16:04 AM

Favorite Game:  DRAGONS LAIR

Comments:  I an completely stunned at your project. I'd never imagined that Dragons Lair had such a following. It makes me wish I could go to America and purchase anything I could get on these laser disc games. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

Name:  Carlos D Marrero

Date:  6/29/99 1:19:35 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's lair / Space Ace

Comments:  Thank you for this fine site. I have found it quite interesting, including Jeff's adventure in finding his copy of the game. I also had mine too, I got the Dragon's Lair cabinet with everything working etc, but no disk player! So I had buy a industrial Pioneer, and write a program (in Turbo Basic) to drive the laser from an IBM XT, but the story may be too long to write here, later I got the Space Ace (disk only) and wrote a IBM XT driver for it. I also have DL2 (disk only) but was too lazy to write a driver for it :-)
I would like to but additional disks and write the appropriate driver, may be some time later, for games *NOT* requiring overlaid graphics. Again, thank you for this fine site.

Name:  Maverick

Date:  7/2/99 1:34:57 PM

Favorite Game:  Cobra Command

Comments:  I live in Argentine and passed 10 years from the last coin I put in Cobra command, but never forget it.
Many times I search for him without luck.
Thanks to Dragon's Lair Project I'am child again
I download the audio of cobra command and I cant wait for the avaiability of the video.

BIG THANKS !!!!!!!!!!

Name:  Mike Fraser

Date:  7/4/99 1:53:58 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair 1&2, Cliff Hanger, Badlands, Space Ace

Comments:  I've been a fan ever since I first played the game back in 84. I'm 25 now and still loving it. Just got it for my dvd player and it is sweet. Maybe Bluth and Goldman should go back and finish the Dragon's Lair movie. If Digital Leisure is listening, bring Cliff Hanger to DVD please..or at least to PC CDROM:)

Name:  Noah

Date:  7/7/99 12:10:05 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair of Course, hey! Maybe somebody could help me. Read

Comments:  Nice Page! Keep up the Good work.. Hey, Try to get some Patches and stuff on your page too,
like for Dragon's Lair 1 and 2.. that would be cool.. Well here is my problem:

I just installed Dragon's Lair... Its on CD-ROM , I'm on WIN 98.. My DMA is set on 1, and Interrupt is on 5 or whatever like it said... And there is No sound? Please Somebody help
me! Tell me Step by Step info on HOW to install Dragon's Lair on Win98... thanx..  Somebody must be able to help me.. thanx


Limp Bizkit: The Nookie RulEz! heheh

Name:  cabbi

Date:  7/8/99 12:54:24 AM

Favorite Game:  do not know

Comments:  hey what's up cool site my site is not about dragons but you can go to it if you want ok well gotsa go so email me it will be a pleasure hearing from you.

Name:  Craig Danczyk

Date:  7/14/99 2:52:19 PM

Favorite Game:  Cliff Hanger, Cobra Command, Dragon's Lair, and Space Ace

Comments:  Too many great games to name just one favorite. It is a shame that most of these retro laser disc games have not been reproduced for PC or a home system (like Sony PS). I have not seen a Cliff hanger game since the middle 80's and it was the first laser disc game that I could beat. It was a stroll down memory lane to see these pictures, and I would like to say 'Thank You!'

Craig Danczyk


Name:  Mike Parry

Date:  7/16/99 4:14:12 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair Space Ace

Comments:  Unbelievable! What a find your page was, Thank you. I can't believe I can get a copy of these games for the PC, and the DL2, hell, I didn't know there was a sequel! So many good memories here on you page, thanks.

Name:  Frank

Date:  7/19/99 6:32:52 PM

Favorite Game:  Air warrior 3 online for the moment : )

Comments:  Fantastic site!! I used to travel from London to Brighton (England) to play in the arcades on the pier when Dragon's Lair turned up WOW is all i can say trouble is i never got to finish it b4 it was replaced by space Ace GUTTED! Well hearing that i can get it on PC.  Oh Yes happy days!!! I'm gonna finish it at last soon : ) Feels good too, knowing that all these others remember it with the awe and admiration that i have. Your site brought back the good ol' days ..THANX : ) one more thing site is really done well too...does justice to Dragon's Lair memory!

Name:  W. J. Barry

Date:  7/20/99 6:24:31 AM

Favorite Game:  Space Ace

Comments:  It's good to know someone loves these games as much as I do! How about getting the attract mode MPEG of some of the American Laser Games?  Thanks for such a great site!

Name:  dave bryant

Date:  7/20/99 3:30:54 PM

Favorite Game:  dragons lair

Comments:  I was totally mesmerized by it as a kid and i want the original in my lounge

Name:  Tony Palmer

Date:  7/21/99 6:22:07 AM

Favorite Game:  Space Ace

Comments:  Wow! Great site, brought back a lot of memories. I used to love playing Space Ace and Dragons Lair II.

Name:  Mark Walter

Date:  7/21/99 3:23:22 PM

Favorite Game:  Fast Draw

Comments:  Great site, hope to see more classic arcade games incorporated

Name:  manos anthis

Date:  7/23/99 1:39:30 PM

Favorite Game:  SPACE ACE

Comments:  the best game ever.....  but i cannot find it here in Greece.  i used to play it 8 years ago in my amiga.  I want to find it now so i can play it in my pc if anyone knows anything how can i find it here in Greece please e-mail me.  i don't have credit card so i cannot buy it from digital leisure.  bye bye.

Name:  Mark DeRoller

Date:  7/31/99 10:07:29 AM

Favorite Game:  Fire Fox

Comments:  Very nice way to capture all there is to know about LD games. I especially liked seeing pictures and info of those rare games.

Name:  Larry Jordan

Date:  8/3/99 1:19:07 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  You have the coolest website. So much information and great links to get the latest version of Dragon's Lair. I've been a fan of Dragon's Lair since it came out and purchased every computer version of Dragon's Lair there was beginning with the Amiga, C-64, and finally the PC. I was bummed when discovered when the original dragon's lair would not work on my new windows 98. Then I saw the link to Digitalleisure. Not only did I purchase the deluxe pack but also the Dragon's Lair DVD Video. Thanks again. If you happen to have any info on whether there is a pc adaptation of Cliff Hanger please let me know!! Keep up the great work. Also great to hear there is a new Dragon's Lair in the works. Don Bluth and gang are masters of magic

Name:  Mike VandenBerg

Date:  8/11/99 1:22:11 PM

Favorite Game:  What do you think............

Comments:  WOW (using power terms)

Name:  Mark Herrera

Date:  8/13/99 3:07:17 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  Your webpage is one of the most comprehensive I've ever seen . Thank you for doing a great job in presenting the video games as the true classics that they were, and still are. It ceases to amaze me that some recent video games aren't nearly as impressve as DL and they have years of technological advancement on their side. I can't wait until Dec. of 2000 for the new DL. If Bluth and company were able to create an exceptional video game nearly 20 years ago imagine what is possible now. Anyways,thanks for your site, I really enjoyed the articles and the audio and artistic renditions of this truely marvelous game. Thanks. Mark.

Name:  Jeff Bos

Date:  8/17/99 12:42:49 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  I think DL is an awesome game. Maybe with DVD we'll start to see some new games similar to it. If anyone wants to buy a cheap laserdisc player for DL projects, I have a Sony LDP-1000A I want to get rid of...

Name:  Eleazar Pesquera

Date:  8/17/99 2:28:38 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's lair, Space Ace, and Time Warp

Comments:  I have to say you did what I always dreamed of. I was
13 when I first saw Dragon' Lair and I still remember the TV Commercials. I was in San Antonio and I saw the
mall arcade was selling the Dragon's Lair game for $700. I was only 17 and couldn't afford it. I was excited when Sega CD came out with it, but it looked bad and wasn't complete. Then 3DO came out with the same version and really good picture quality but the missing scenes killed me, not to mention that they never name out with DLII. However, now is my big chance! Digital Leisure bought the rights and remastered all three games Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and DLII and put them on DVD Video which probably has even better quality picture than the original Laser Disc versions. I can't wait to get the other two. So congratulations, and take advantage of the new DVD-video versions they are great and have the capability to show the whole movies, plus some other cool features.

Name:  Eleazar Pesquera

Date:  8/18/99 2:57:44 PM

Favorite Game:  DL, Space Ace, and DLII

Comments:  Say, anyone got the complete moves to beat all these games and or is there a site to find them. Readysoft used to have all of them. NOTE: Everyone needs to get DL on DVD-VIDEO it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Name:  Wesley Maynard

Date:  8/26/99 1:55:06 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  This is a VERY detailed site. It's good to see that someone else loves these games as much as I do. I was very disapointed in the cd-rom release of these games as they were not the full arcade versions. I just got the DVD version of Dragons Lair and it is much better but it still isn't EXACTLY like the arcade: It's not randomized. Oh well. Excellent site anyway!

Name:  Wes Maynard

Date:  8/28/99 10:21:54 PM

Favorite Game:  DL

Comments:  I emailed an executive at Digital Leisure about the fact that DL is not randomized as in the arcade version. Here's what she said:

"Dragon's Lair DVD-Video was done at a studio that claimed the randomizing couldn't be done. Now that we have done Space Ace in our own studio, we know that it can be done. Will we ever remaster? It's a lot of work so it won't happen any time soon but maybe at some point."  I'll be getting Space Ace later this week and we'll see how much better it is. I hope it hsa the three difficulty settings that it had in the arcade. I just dont understand why they can't make a TRUE arcade PERFECT version of these games. I hope Space Ace is perfect.

Name:  Steve Grunberger

Date:  9/2/99 5:13:16 AM

Favorite Game: SPACE ACE

Comments:  Great Site I just love the old Laser games. I own a Space Ace arcade machine, and it still works !!
I have DL & SA on PC,3DO,Amiga and DVD. I must be nuts.

Name:  Chris Sigler

Date:  9/12/99 10:17:42 AM

Favorite Game:  Thayer's quest & Dragon's Lair

Comments:  I have been looking for a site like this for years! I thank the persons that created this page! The video and audio clips are wonderful. I spend a lot of time on this site!

Name:  Sam

Date:  9/12/99 12:11:31 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments:  Hey Jeff great page. If anyone wants to know or has already found out. In the dragon's lair attract mode prototype with the one-eyed pig in the animation. He replaces the Lizard King because I compared attract modes and his animation comes right in where the lizard king is stroking his little club. Just wanted to point that out.

Name:  Scott

Date:  9/16/99 4:43:54 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragons Lair, Cliff Hanger & Pooyan

Comments:  Dragon's Lair Project is the best video games site in the world, Thanks Jeff, Keep up the good work.  Here in the UK laser games don't seem to be very popular. I have been looking for a Cliff Hanger machine for 7 years (I can't even find somebody in the UK that has one, let alone, one for sale !)

Name:  Mr.Waf

Date:  9/26/99 7:31:13 AM

Favorite Game:  Space Ace

Comments:  Great job !!!!!!  I spent hours on these pages.  I dont think Ive seen pages that look this good in awhile. The thumbnails and photos are crystal clear.  
Keep up The Great Work

Name:  joshua

Date:  10/2/99 8:25:30 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair, Space Ace

Comments:  I've enjoyed the page ..would like sampled sounds in wav. format to use as desktop settings. Loved these game in the arcade. Would love to see them as games complete with all the scenes.

Name:  Terry Bell

Date:  10/4/99 9:00:00 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragons Lair

Comments:  I liked DL the best, but an astron belt was also good. hopefuly the guys doing the flogging on the lairs will do some numbers on the other top games as well.

Name:  Dan LeRoy

Date:  10/7/99 5:47:50 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair...what else?!

Comments: really are doing a great job on your site! It's a good thing you're doing this, because there really isn't enough Dragon's Lair and other laser disk game stuff out there!
Keep up the good work!

Name:  NeoDarkHunt Zero

Date:  10/18/99 6:35:48 AM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  Cool Site! (Very!!) Last Week I go to Quebec City,And i found A version for the old video games system 3DO A VERSION OF DRAGON'S LAIR!!!!! the Games that I DREAM when i was just a child.... And i paid it only 15 bucks!!!!!!!! I never think that i will can play again MANY YEAR AFTER (about 9 or 10 year?)  You made me very happy when i found this web Page...Thanks for all info and exclusive Pic!!!!! :o)

Name:  Jeff Taylor

Date:  10/27/99 3:01:09 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  I think your site is awesome! I have owned my Dragon's Lair since 1987. It is in excellent condition and uses the old PR-7820 player. It worked when I got it but the player gave up the ghost in 1992. I thought I would never see this fantastic game run again, but thanks to the info provided about the adapter, this game will run again. It's great to see others who love the classic coin-op games from the early eighties. Keep it up!

Name:  Mario Ciampa

Date:  11/12/99 3:34:11 PM

Favorite Game:  An evil Dragon kidnapp a princess...;)

Comments:  GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Name:  Derek

Date:  11/23/99 3:19:11 PM

Favorite Game:  dragon's lair

Comments:  excellent tribute to don bluth's epic masterpieces. but your wrong.... those scenes hat you claim weren't in the game were. except "le boulders". they were on the sega cd as well.

Name:  Wes Flowers

Date:  12/1/99 7:08:01 PM

Favorite Game:  Fast Draw Showdown

Comments:  Great Web site and a great game, wish we could Make another one, The Gunfighter Wes Flowers

Name:  Andy Taylor

Date:  12/10/99 2:46:21 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragon's Lair

Comments:  The best video game site I've ever seen. I'm glad to see the Lair is getting the recognition it deserves.

Name:  Christine sexy girl

Date:  12/20/99 10:51:43 PM

Favorite Game:  Dragons lair

Comments:  i have bought the pc cd of dragons lair.  BUT I cant get it to work.  HELP me mail me zara19yrs @ hotmail . com

Name:  Dan Amrich

Date:  12/27/99 8:22:55 PM

Favorite Game:  NBA Hangtime

Comments:  Holy cow...what a great site! Rarely does anybody truly create the definitive site for a game, but you clearly have--congrats!

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